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Paul D. López, Denver Clerk & Recorder, Public Trustee and official seal of Denver Clerk & Recorder

Officer Semi-Annual Gift Disclosure Statement 2019

For Elected and Appointed City Officers

Semi-Annual Gift Report Requirements D.R.M.C. Chapter 2, Article V

Pursuant to D.R.M.C. 2-72(c), all elected and appointed officers are required to complete two gift reports each year. They must report all gifts received and the estimated value of each gift. This report is separate from the report of City Items received under D.R.M.C. 2-74.

Types of gifts are explained more fully in D.R.M.C. 2-60(b). Generally, you must report:

  • (4) Meals, tickets, or free or reduced price admissions, including parking, if your attendance was reasonably related to your official or ceremonial duties 
    • (i) up to $300 per year per donor if from a private person or entity, or from a non-profit but not to the non-profit's own event 
    • (ii) no annual limit per donor if to a charitable event as long as it is offered by and at the expense of the non-profit or governmental entity hosting the event. Please include actual value only of the meal, ticket or admission
      • Do not include additional “donation” portion of a ticket unless you received recognition or other benefits as a donor
      • You do not need to report: meals provided to all attendees at a public meeting and consumed during the meeting.
  • (7) Expenses paid by non-profits or other governments for attendance at conventions, fact finding trips, or other meetings if you delivered a speech, made a presentation, participated in a panel or represented the city.
  • (9) Gifts to commemorate a public event in which you participated in an official capacity, such as a ground breaking or grand opening.
  • (10) Memberships and passes from the Denver Art Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Denver Zoo.

You do not need to report other gifts you were permitted to accept, and did, pursuant to other categories in D.R.M.C. 2-60(b). If you choose to report these gifts, please use the category “Other” in the gift type drop-down menu.

You also must report all donations you solicited or accepted to the City or for charitable purposes to a 501(c) or other charitable organization or to provide assistance to certain individuals. Please review D.R.M.C. 2-60(c) for more details.

Penalty for Noncompliance: Any officer who does not comply, partially complies or submits their report late may be reported to the Denver City Attorney and the Denver Board of Ethics and is subject to penalty and/or fine. 

Reporting Periods

  • January 1 - June 30 (due July 31)
  • July 1 - December 31 (due January 31)

See D.R.M.C. 2-71(4) and City Charter Section 9.1.1.E for a definition of City Officers. 

Form3322w 12.21.2019

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Paul D. López, Denver Clerk & Recorder, Public Trustee and official seal of Denver Clerk & Recorder

Are you

Paul D. López, Denver Clerk & Recorder, Public Trustee and official seal of Denver Clerk & Recorder

I have gifts pursuant to D.R.M.C. 2-72(c) to disclose for this reporting period.

Field Descriptions  

  • Donor Organization: Name of the organization that donated the gift. If organization name is not applicable, indicate "NA". 
  • Donor’s Name: Name of the individual directing or making the gift, even if the donor was an organization.
  • Gift Description: A detailed description of the gift. (e.g., event or restaurant name, name or description of convention or trip, type of tickets or pass, or commemorative event)
  • Estimated Value: Estimated price of gift. 
  • Gift Type: Select the category the gift is best associated with from the drop-down list.
Paul D. López, Denver Clerk & Recorder, Public Trustee and official seal of Denver Clerk & Recorder

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