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Denver Clerk & Recorder Debra Johnson

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Employee Gift Report 2018

Employee Gift Report Requirements per D.R.M.C. 2-52(b), 2-60 and 2-73

If you did not receive any gifts or the gifts do not meet the criteria below, you are not required to fill out this form. The report is due by January 31 and must disclose gifts accepted during the previous calendar year. The employee will include the identification, estimated value, and the source of any gifts received which were accepted under sections 2-60(b)(4), (7), (9) and (10) in excess of $50.00 during the reporting period, as a result of employment with the city, from anyone with whom the city has an existing, ongoing, or pending contract, business, or regulatory relationship and over whom the employee may take direct official action as defined in section 2-52(b).

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Carefully read each section of the form and provide the relevant information. 

Fields with an asterisk (*) require a response. 

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I have gifts to disclose for this reporting period.

Because you did not recieve any gifts or your gifts did not meet the criteria, you are NOT REQUIRED to fill out this form. Please close this page.

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